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    About Us

    Finding Opportunity. Delivering Results.

    MRA Capital Partners is privately held boutique real estate investment company that invests in value add and cash-flowing real estate investments throughout the U.S.

    100 Years

    Management / Investment Experience

    $85 M+

    Current Holdings

    $7.2 M

    Distributions Since 1/1/19

    Yachts and small boats in the St. Petersburg, FL, marina.


    Delivering Superior Returns.

    Our focus is on Preservation of Capital while Maximizing IRR through favorable deal structures and the pursuit of risk adjusted returns from non-correlated investments. We are asset class agnostic, with a bias to B and C class multifamily properties in strong markets that can be acquired below replacement cost.

    Lighthouse Fund

    MRA Capital Partner’s flagship “Lighthouse Fund”, is a High Yield Asset Backed Portfolio.

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    Opportunity Strategy

    Project specific strategy which actively pursues acquisitions and joint ventures of valued add and cash-flowing Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Development opportunities throughout the United States.

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    Lighthouse Fund

    MRA Capital Partner’s flagship “Lighthouse Fund”, is a High Yield Asset Backed Portfolio. The fund focuses on high-yielding, current income investments in debt,  preferred and common equity and makes Private Debt interest-only loans, secured by both commercial & residential real estate nationwide. We seek to capitalize on inefficiencies created by strict regulations that limit traditional banks’ ability to expedite Asset Based Loans in a timely manner.

    Targeted IRR


    Hold Period

    3 Years

    Preferred Rate


    Avg. Annual Yield – Inception




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