Finding Opportunity. Delivering Results.

Qualified investors may choose to invest in the Lighthouse Fund and/or Series “B” Fund segments.
Lighthouse Fund: High Yield Asset-backed Lending

Development – New Construction – Multi-Family – Commercial – Residential

We establish strategic relationships with lenders, borrowers, and other capital providers of short-to-medium term loans. Loans are secured by real estate for the purpose of property acquisitions, construction and/or recapitalizations of existing assets.
Series B: Commercial and Residential Real Estate

We seek value and cash-flowing real estate investments in which we see opportunity as well as invest in developments, construction and redevelopments located throughout the U.S.

Delivering investment Diversification and income

Wealth Management Mindset

MRA Capital Partners combines an entrepreneurial approach with an institutional infrastructure. Our investment committee is comprised of seasoned analysts and wealth management professionals who understand the importance of alternative investments in an investment portfolio.

Lower Correlation to Stocks and Bonds

Direct real estate investments have exhibited low correlation to various equities and fixed income markets.